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About Integrated BBA + MBA Courses

Eligibility for Integrated BBA + MBA

Programme Concept

Programme Concept
  • This is an Earn - Learn - Earn / Work - Study - Work Program.
  • Join this BBA+MBA program and get a Job placement immediately.
  • Work from Monday to Friday. Study on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • At the end of 3 years get a Dual BBA & MBA with 3 years work experience.
  • One degree will be awarded by a Globally recognised International University and the other will be from a UGC recognised Indian University.
  • Job placement will be related to the chosen specialization to enable 5 days practical exposure and 2 days classroom exposure.
  • Job placement will be full time and a full time salary will be paid.
  • Fees payable in 6 easy instalments. Hostel accommodation available in the campus.

International Progression (optional)

International Progression (optional)
  • GEMS B SCHOOL's strategic partnership with University of Sunderland-UK enables students enrolling for the Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA program for a course progression into an MBA program at University of Sunderland in Sunderland or London. Students can complete the first 2 years of the BBA+MBA at GEMS B SCHOOL and progress to University of Sunderland in Sunderland or London for the last semester to get an MBA degree from University of Sunderland.
  • University of Sunderland is a highly ranked and reputed University in UK with campuses in Sunderland, London and Hong Kong. Students will be granted a UK student Visa for 3 years and will be eligible to pursue part time jobs during this period.
  • The International progression is only for students who are interested in this option and is not mandatory for all. Students enrolling for the Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA have time upto 2 years to decide whether they would like to choose this option.

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